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K’nocking ’em out

After successful careers with K serials, drop outs are facing anonymity. Shailaja Bajpai remembers some notables on the ‘Missing’ list.
Shailaja Bajpai

[ Nausheen Ali Sardar: Aka Kkusum. She hasn’t done anything since that anybody’s seen. Maybe it’s because nothing measures up. To her height and the character she made famous - or vice versa.

[ Sudha Chandran: The Big Bindi of TV who must be the only person in TV history to become famous because of a mark on her forehead. As Ramola in Kahin Kissi Roz she was an original. Like her trademark bindis, she’s stuck with her past.

[ Ketaki Dave: Tried a number of comic roles after ‘Ra-ra-ra-ra’ in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thhi in order to draw attention to herself but she’s a pale imitation of her (in)famous character. Not funny.

[ Shweta Kwatra and Shweta Keswani: Pallavi and Avantika from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. Kwatra at least presents a film-based show on some channel no one ever watches but otherwise she’s not acting. As for Keswani, she’s taking one of the longest breaks from the box known to TV.

[ Rajeev Khandelwal: Sujal - where are you? All is forgiven. Really the men who have replaced him on Kahiin To Hoga either need a good shave or a lesson in how to romance Kashish. Rajeev tried to play a detective in Time Bomb on Zee but he is better being the strong, silent, smouldering lover than the strong, silent, smouldering muscle man.

[ Sandhya Mridul had one memorable role in Koshish... Ek Asha, another passable double role in Hu-Bahu that tale of two sisters on Sony but since then seems to prefer the big screen - can you blame her?

[ Deepak Kaazir: Babuji in Kahani..., Babuji in Kasauti Zindagi Kay and countless other serials. Nobody knows him by any other name. Needs to retire from the box until Ektaa Kapoor introduces a new K soap in which he can return as you-know-who.

[ Kiran Karmarkar: Who? TV’s modern day Ram - Om. Left Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki after a very long stint, thereby ensuring that, unlike Amar, no one could replace him as Parvati’s devoted husband. Is now making guest appearances - what he needs is a long break from Om, sorry TV.

[ Amar Upadhyay: Made desperate efforts to get over Mihir and although few of us can forget him as the youthful Mihir, Amar is easier to forget. A few roles here and there, a few films here and there but basically, viewers, he should have grown grey with Mihir.

The ones who made it

[ Aman Verma: After Kyunki... made it big as the anchor of Khullja Sim Sim and although India TV nearly strapped his career to the couch in a sting operation, he was lucky to be re-employed by Indian Idol where he is completely overshadowed by Mini Mathur.

[ Varun Badola: Moved so far beyond his role in Koshish... that few of us can remember the mentally retarded character he played. Made it big with other serials and even danced himself into our affections on Nach Baliye.

[ Mandira Bedi: Escaped her typecast role in Kyunki... as the ‘other woman’. Enjoyed an Extraa Innings because of the last World Cup - or was it her spaghetti straps - and hasn’t looked back since. Currently, giving away money on Deal Ya No Deal.